Sondre’s blog post # 1 – Why I transferred

Despite living in Norway for almost my entire life, I have always felt a strong connection to the United States. During high school, I started researching American universities, and over my senior year I committed to UCLA. Though my experience at UCLA has been fantastic, after learning more about Princeton in recent months I have come to realize how incredible of an opportunity it would be to spend my final two years of my undergraduate career there and to be a part of this community for a lifetime. I am looking for an academic environment that cherishes the idea of supporting the aspirations of individuals from all backgrounds—not to mention languages. I think Princeton really embodies this idea, with a diverse student body representing a range of perspectives, interests, and cultures. I am a firm believer that you can learn as much from your peers as you can from your professors. Princeton seems to offer students an environment comparable to a large family that supports its students across a vast array of future endeavors. The strong relationship with the Princeton community that both students and alumni maintain is something I wish to become a part of as I pursue my…

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