Sondre’s blog post # 1 – Why I transferred

Despite living in Norway for almost my entire life, I have always felt a strong connection to the United States. During high school, I started researching American universities, and over my senior year I committed to UCLA. Though my experience at UCLA has been fantastic, after learning more about Princeton in recent months I have come to realize how incredible of an opportunity it would be to spend my final two years of my undergraduate career there and to be a part of this community for a lifetime. I am looking for an academic environment that cherishes the idea of supporting the aspirations of individuals from all backgrounds—not to mention languages. I think Princeton really embodies this idea, with a diverse student body representing a range of perspectives, interests, and cultures. I am a firm believer that you can learn as much from your peers as you can from your professors. Princeton seems to offer students an environment comparable to a large family that supports its students across a vast array of future endeavors. The strong relationship with the Princeton community that both students and alumni maintain is something I wish to become a part of as I pursue my…


Highest ever season opener for Sondre – 5.65m

Comeback! After 6 months out with injury, I'm finally back competing. Last night at “Team Guttormsen Invitational" I jumped 5.65m for a 14 step PR and highest ever season opener. Been a long and emotional road with countless MRI's, doctor visits and rehab sessions, but I'm so thankful for everyone who's helped me get here, and can't wait for the future ahead. Also, huge thanks to everyone who came out to support! Nothing better than competing on your home track with family and friends in the crowd.



In mid-May, Sondre was informed that he was admitted as a transfer Student to Princeton University. Sondre wrote on his Instagram: "As I trade in my blue and gold for orange and black, I would like to thank UCLA for the past 2 years. The friendship and memories I've made here will last forever and I am truly grateful for everything it has given me. I have decided to join my brother and continue my academic and athletic career at Princeton University" Team Guttormsen is very happy that Simen and Sondre will now be training and competing together and for the same team. Go tigers    

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