Pole vault is a very technical event that requrires much repetition of drills. On this page we will show you some of our favorite drills to improve your technique. 

To be able to run fast, have a strong takeoff, and handle the pole well in the air you need to be strong. This page will show some of our strength programs, specific exercises and more.

As soon as you leave the ground in the vault, all motions can be related to gymnastics movements. Therefore, handling various gymnastics exercises is a key part of a pole vaulters success

To bring the most possible amount of speed into the jump one needs to be fast. On this page we will show some running drills, ptsossible workouts and more. 

A week of training can look something like this

Pole Vault short run

Session 1: Sprint

Session 2: Lift

Gymnastics, pole drills and medicine ball throws 

Pole Vault full run


Session 1: Sprint or hurdles + some poleruns, Or: aerobic runs (check running section above)

Session 2: Lift

Active recovery or some activation for vault session